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True story. When I first started Rantasaurus Rex, I wrote more rants than I wanted to. They weren’t funny and they weren’t good but people started showing up and reading.

I haven’t had to write a rant in five or six months and I really, reaaaaaally don’t wanna start. My rants are boring and lame and yours are funny and entertaining.

You know you’ve got it in you! Go to the Submitasaurus page and show me what you’ve got!


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Our August Rantsplosion is going on all month. Submit your regular rants but make sure to think of any extras with the theme: school

Dig back into your childhood for those gems and send them to us on the Submitasaurus page!

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Here at Rantasaurus we run on Submissions.

Every once in a while, our mailbox runs low on rants. Help us sleep at night and replenish us with your ranty goodness. Find out how on the Submitasaurus page.

Don’t forget, our Rantsplosion contest ends in very early August and the theme is: Eating Out / Bad Restaurant Experiences

Everybody has one.

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Okay, now that we finally have some Rantsploding done, let’s go ahead and announce the contest that will end on August 6th at 5 p.m.

The theme: Eating Out

The restaurant kind, not the… um… other kind.

If you’ve got a make-your-skin-crawl restaurant experience, or if you’ve got a rant to share on any subject at all, head on over to the Submitasaurus page!

And thanks for all the birthday wishes, y’all. A great time was had by all.

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Howdy folks. Here’s a small personal rant:

Why’s my mailbox so lonely? Why aren’t rants flowing in bountiful like before? Do you guys think these rants just grow on trees? Like there are freakin’ rant trees lining the sidewalks around my house? I can just go out in my bathrobe every morning and harvest some rants? No! Rants come from submissions!

Hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who entered. You may still see your rants up here as the week progresses. Wahoo!

The next Rantsplosion that ends on Monday, July 2nd, has the theme of: Bastard Neighbors.

You know you’ve got some. We’ve got one that warms up his motorcycle in the driveway for hours. He can, since he’s home all day. Then he goes digging through our recycling for cans, the really money-maker.

This week we didn’t announce the winner via a YouTube video, however we issue a public IOU. Last night was just a busy, awesome evening. (BTW, readers of the Big Ugly Review, welcome!)

To submit to our next Rantsplosion or to get something off your chest, go to our Submitasaurus page.

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Everyone has had a crush in their lifetime that hasn’t panned out like they’ve wanted.

Mine, for the entire Internet, was a boy named Robbie Burmeister in the 2nd grade. I ran up to him at recess one time and kissed him right smack on the mouth. Instead of inviting me to his castle to be his princess forever, he told the yard duty. Then she said to me: “you only kiss your Mommy and Daddy like that.”

And that’s just from elementary school! Who could forget Daniel and Jeremy in middle school and Roy in high school?

Today’s Rantsplosion contest ends at 5 p.m. Write up your best, most embarrasing Crushes Gone Wrong.

Send them in on our Submitasaurus page and check back for the winner tomorrow.

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