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Congratulations. Watch the video to learn the winner of this Rantsplosion and hear the hilarious rant, read by our own very talented Rantoceros.


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The Rantsplosion contest that we’ve been running these last two weeks has had the theme of: The Man

Thank you to everyone who sent in entries.

The winner’s rant is coming up as a video and it’s hilarious, so stay tuned for that. We don’t want to give any of it away.

Our runner up is Creative Freakin’ Genius-a-saurus. Congratulations to everybody!

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We’re working on getting a YouTube audience, so this is a short and sweet intro to how Rantasaurus works and how the videos work.

Keep those submissions coming and maybe we’ll make you a video of your rant.

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Hey folks. We’ve got some great stuff coming up for you this week including, apparently, a series of informative and snarky articles about Las Vegas. I’m pumped! Who doesn’t want to hear about Sin City?

Our Rantsplosion contest ends on Monday at 5 p.m. Pacific.

The theme these last two weeks: The Man

Keep those entries coming!

We’ll also be introducing another video of a favorite rant and announcing this contest’s winner via YouTube.

Lastly… we know we’re hilarious, you know we’re hilarious, pass that valuable knowledge on to your friends, enemies, loved ones and random people you meet on the bus.

Spread the gospel of Rantasaurus and get the word out there. Send shameless e-mails, strike up embarrasingly awkward conversations in the bathrooms of your respective gender and shout our name while making love. The more visitors we get, the better the quality and quantity of the rants. Thank you to everyone who’s come and contributed. We’re off to an absolutely rockin’ start.

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This rant by Lily S. has been wildly popular, so I recorded a video about it last night.

I tried a blue screen on my iMovie by getting a plug-in. If anybody has any better blue screen plug-ins, let me know.

More to come with better effects and (much) better quality. Submit your own video responses on our YouTube profile or keep submitting rants. You never know when your fabulous rant will turn into a video!

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This is our second YouTube video. It’s of one of my own rants, that I will post above…

This is the format I’m planning: videos of our favorite rants and videos of our contest winners. This is an itty-bitty one.

So submit, and you never know when your rant will end up on YouTube!

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